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United Dealers Alliance is a finance product and income development company supplying automotive, RV and power-sport dealerships with innovative and creative programs.

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United Dealers Alliance specializes in market exclusive programs which not only enhance dealer’s retail sales, but are designed (and proven) to drive impressive retention performance to their service departments as well.

  • Automotive
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Powersports
  • Marine
  • Watercraft
  • Golf Carts


  • Vehicle Service and Maintenance Contracts Programs
  • Vehicle Lifetime Warranty
  • Consumer Value
  • Dealership Retention Programs
  • Wide Range of Industry Leading Vehicle Protection Products

 United Dealers Alliance proudly provides dealerships with the best products in the industry, helping them drive new revenue and customer loyalty to their organizations.

About Bob DiGiacomo

Bob DiGiacomo is the Chief Executive Officer at UDA (United Dealers Alliance). UDA provides finance products and programs to dealerships throughout the country and specializes in managing customized exclusive dealer programs, provided by the best administrators in the industry focusing on long term dealer wealth.