Innovative Programs

We partner with our dealerships and install these profit driving programs in all areas of their organization, then we supply training to their key personnel. All staff in each applicable department are involved in our continuous training to ensure production opportunities are always being maximized.

UDA’s finance and insurance products are provided by the best Administrators in the industry. Our dealer partners are proud to know they are providing only the very best customer protection items in the market.

Our dealer partners not only boast about their organizations successes with our programs, in both good and bad market periods, but they also rave about the “claims” they have paid to their customers.

Our partners are proud of their success and more proud that their good choices pay huge dividends to their customers.


True success and sustainability of success is to control all the mechanisms which turn the engine, not just checking them periodically, but monitoring them constantly. The Alliance Dealership Health Initiative helps you do just that for your dealership, “Inspect what you expect”! We all know the things we would like to manage with regularity, but too many times managing our business gets in the way of managing our business.

Alliance Dealership Health Initiative brings your focus back into the “little things which mean a lot”. A tri-weekly meeting platform which touches all the “hot points”, NOT once a quarter, or once a month, but 3 TIMES EVERY WEEK! Without a conducive strategic plan, these day to day dealership hot points will burn up so many man hours, and leave great opportunity for missing key points, or critical issues. With a plan, a portal, and a structured working initiative, these items take minutes to manage and stay razor sharp. It’s not always about how much we make, it’s about how much we keep! Controlling the Controllable’s with United Dealers Alliance Dealership Health Initiative is a game changer!

Stakeholders meet three times per week to review up to date analytics, focus on opportunities for improvement and implement strategies.

Controlling the Controllables

Key Metrics

  • Sales and Finance
  • Projections and Production
  • Service Department
  • CIT Review and Management
  • Inventory Review and Management
  • Problem Deal Review and Management
  • CSI Review and Management
  • Reputation Review and Management
  • Round Table Roll Call
  • Review and Management

Alliance Dealerships Health Report


Rate of Travel

Where is your dealership today? Where is it trending this month? How does it compare to Year over Year. A deep look, in just moments.

Front and Back-end Snapshot Review

New and Used Analytics. Knowing where you are is knowing where you are going.

Fixed Operations Snapshot and Review

Overlooked by so many dealers, UDA brings its partner dealerships the most comprehensive Fixed Operations Management Tool in the industry.

Heat Sheet Item Management and Review

Picking up pennies and fixing leaks in every department will turn your silver into gold. It’s not just about making money, it’s about keeping it.

Alliance Partners meet and review analytics three times a Week, not once a Month.

You can’t get where you are going if you don’t know where you are!

Fact: Over 85% of dealer principles (even many G.M.’s), could not tell you an accurate estimate of where they are tracking in sales units, profit, new vs pre-owned unit counts, finance averages, total gross to date and trends.
Fact: 9 of 10 dealer principles could not tell you an “accurate” estimate of work-in-progress in their service departments, aging and depreciating inventory, and the average contract-in-transit performance month to date.
Most are not immediately aware of their current CSI standing and trend, and have no idea how many new customer reviews they received since the weekend… A dealer may say “that’s why I have a G.M…” Sadly, most G.M.’s couldn’t tell you either… They’d have to pull reports, call for meetings and get back to you…
A UDA dealer partner can tell you (instantly), where their fixed operations are trending, if they’re trending to a deficit or surplus against pre-set objectives. They can fire off customer pay, R/O counts, month to date paid labor, average sale, hours per, and effective labor rates within seconds. Anytime of the month, any time they are asked. UDA partner dealerships are laser focused on the small things which can improve or destroy a business very quickly.
A UDA dealer and/or their management team, run their day to day with the UDA Health Report Portal, not once a month, but several times a week, every week!
Results: Alliance dealer, can fire off (immediately and with extreme accuracy) any performance question one may ask. UDA partners (and their managers) take nothing for granted, they manage, view, and are in the constant know of their largest and smallest of operational details.