Erasing A Parent

You have been “brainwashed, you are brainwashed”, that’s what Judge Gorcyca said in 2015 to 3 children. Judge Gorcyca had had enough of years of custody battles between the mother and father of 3 children in Michigan. The judge ordered the children to spend time with the father but the mother had “brainwashed” the children to the point that the children would “not make eye contact with the father, they would not talk with him, they would not acknowledge him, they would not touch the food that he ate or present to them.” This is just one example of how the court system is not equipped to handle Parental Alienation.  People argue that there’s a reason the kids don’t want to spend time with dad however there are arguments that mom has created a negative narrative towards the father. 

Hon. Lisa Gorcyca defends her actions after years of legal battles between former spouses regarding Parental Alienation. 

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